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zomerworkshop - RAKU stoken

1 day -  € 60,- per day including glazing and baking


What is raku?

Raku originates in 16th century Japan. Cups for the famous tea ceremonies were crafted and directly glazed. Raku can be translated as luck, chance or joy.

In Western Raku the cups are decorated with a special Raku-glaze. The cups are then heated very rapidly to about 1000 degrees centigrade. At which point the red-hot cups are picked out of the furnace using tongs and placed in a vat containing sawdust. The vat is then closed off, causing a lack of oxygen in the vat. This in turn causes the special Raku glazing effect. Also, soot will move into the tiny cracks of the cup causing the cracks to darken.

Finally, the cups are washed to remove excess soot.


The workshop

Raku-glazing is an extraordinary form of glazing and baking. You will learn how to draw on the clay cups using wax, which can result in special drawings in the glazing. Alternatively, you can put tape on the cups and put glazing and oxides on the remaining parts, to create the drawings in the glazing.


The pricing of the workshop includes both glazing and baking the works.

The pricing does not include cups. Participants should bring 2 biscuit-baked cups, with a maximum diameter of 25 by 25 centimeters. Alternatively, participants can purchase various kinds of cups and bowls at Atelierbreda starting at € 7,50 per piece.


Due to COVID 19 regulations, we are unable to organize a lunch. Please bring your own lunch pack. Coffee and tea is provided by us!

zomerworkshop - RAKU stoken
week 22, 2022

Friday 3 June, 2022

hele dag: van 10:00 to 15:45 uur.

kosten: €  65,00

week 42, 2022

Friday 21 October, 2022

hele dag: van 10:00 to 15:45 uur.

kosten: €  65,00