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sculpting in stone course


The stone sculpting course

In this sculpting course you will learn how to shape a stone to create exactly the sculpture you want. Learn how to express your creativity!

You will have assistance with realizing your design into a beautiful sculpture. You will be working with different kinds of rocks such as French limestone, marble, alabaster and Belgian bluestone.

At Atelierbreda you will learn how to safely work with different types of tools and you have the option to work both manually or with machine tools. In this course the emphasis depends on your own input.

With the use of various techniques and tools you will work in a professional sculpting atelier. When the weather is fair, you can pleasantly work on our outdoor area!


The teacher

This course is taught by artist Arjen Knook. Arjen has many years of experience in both teaching and sculpting in stone. He stimulates his students with his enthusiasm, attention to detail and practical instructions!

With his professional experience Arjen will teach you how to visualize your idea in stone!


The material

You can choose your material from our selection of rocks of various levels of hardness. It is also possible to bring your own piece of rock. However, not all rocks are suitable to work with, so Arjen will assist in determining the suitability of the rock.


Where, when and for whom?

The course is taught at our atelier in Breda.

The start date, duration, times and costs of the sculpting course are all available in the column on the right. (If you are reading this on mobile, the information is available at the bottom of the page.)

Our course is suitable for everyone! From total beginners that have never touched a chisel, to people with experience that only want some assistance on creative or technical level.

sculpting in stone course
start: Thursday 21 September, 2023
middag: van 13:30 to 16:30 uur.

12 lessen: €  310,00

avond: van 19:00 to 22:00 uur.

12 lessen: €  310,00

start: Saturday 23 September, 2023
ochtend: van 9:30 to 12:30 uur.

11 lessen: €  310,00

start: Monday 25 September, 2023
middag: van 13:30 to 16:30 uur.

12 lessen: €  310,00

avond: van 19:00 to 22:00 uur.

12 lessen: €  310,00

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