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Sculpting with model workshop


The modeling workshop is as the name says: a workshop in which you learn to model a model. The model is a real person who takes a certain pose in nude. The students enter short sessions that sketch poses in clay. The workshop is aimed at learning to see and apply the correct anatomical proportions, perspective and lines. 


The teacher:

Visual Artist, Iris Stolk, supervises the modeling course. She has worked a lot with livemodels herself and can provide good support in realizing the right proportions and  learning to look at the model properly. 


The Material: 

This course is mainly focused on practice, but technology also plays a role and Iris can help you with this as well. The material that we work with in this workshop is clay or wax. Atelierbreda has different colors available from which you can choose on your own. There are large numbers of modeling tools available in the workshop so that every technique can be applied in the right way and at any desired scale. 


Where, when and for whom: 

The modeling workshop is an academic workshop for people who want to learn more and work with the human figure. The workshop is thus suitable for both beginners and advanced artists. We provide the workshop in Atelierbreda.

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