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group outings

Are you looking for a creative afternoon, evening, or day for a group outing? Then take a further look at our creative group packages. Ateliebreda offers group outings for groups of 5 to 75 people. This groups can be within companies, coaching groups, family outings, a party, or an outing with friends, we aim to offer something for everyone.


Our group packages are tailor-made and in accordance with your specific wishes. From pottery and modeling, to sculpting or working together on a painting, you can pick and choose what is right for you and your group.


Atelierbreda works with basic rates. This makes it easy to make a well-budgeted creative meeting into a great visual success. You can take the sculpture / painting home with you personally or find a place for it in the workplace, reception hall, practice, or waiting room. A unique memento of a great day spent with others. If you have a specific wish as a group, let us know. We value working on the creative realization of a visual idea and helping the group to achieve something beautiful together. 



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