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creative company outings & team building

In addition to workshops and courses, Atelierbreda also offers creative company outings. Companies can choose from several options. The participants can work together on an image or other works of art. Whichever option is chosen, our goal is to work together in a relaxed atmosphere and to achieve a beautiful result. We help to guide you in this, but do not disrupt the group process. 


A company outing for a group of up to 12 people can be booked with us from € 330, - excluding VAT (surcharge per additional person is € 27.50). The price includes equipment, coffee and tea, tapas and a drink. We offer the following options for a creative company outing:

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Thinking of doing something new, maybe model sculpting as a staff outing? Why not! Atelierbreda... Lees meer

Each participant works on a clay relief that will eventually be combined into one large wall... Lees meer

Each participant gets to work on carrying out a previously discussed assignment. Then the... Lees meer

Sand sculptures are reminiscent of sun and sea. Compressed sand can become quite hard and is ideal... Lees meer

A unique staff outing ... Each participant makes a sculpture from soapstone. The coarse shape is... Lees meer

An original idea for a company outing: working together on a painting of, for example, the company... Lees meer

Nothing is more fascinating than watching an experienced potter who, with the help of a turntable,... Lees meer

  • vanaf 35 euro per persoon excl. btw. 
  • minimale duur workshop 2 uur
  • inclusief koffie en thee
  • mogelijkheid hapje en drankje


  • Vraag vrijblijvend een offerte aan!

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