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bronze casting workshop


How does it work? 

Discover this during our bronze casting workshop. You will work with the traditional method of bronze casting. The workshop consists partly of theory and the rest will be aimed at making a high-quality bronze statue


Autumn workshop learn bronze casting: Friday 1 and 8 October and 19 November 2021
Spring workshop learn bronze casting: Friday February 18 and 25 and April 1, 2022


Day 1:

Introduction of the casting method and discussion over the models that will be made or have already been made


Day 2: 

Shaping and making the casting molds. 


Day 3:

Embossing and finishing of the cast image and possibly for those who want to, color the image. 


The teachers: 

Arjen Knook guides the students in every area and ensures that the students learn to understand which techniques they can best apply to get their piece as they have imagined it prior to the creative steps. In addition, Arjen assists every student with practical help. He has extensive experience in bronze casting and will effectively assist in every step of the process. 


The material:

For this course, we can keep it short: we work with bronze. The costs of the bronze are of course not included in the course price, but are per weight. All the tools needed to make a bronze statue are available in the studio. 


Where, when and for whom: 

The bronze casting workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. The workshop takes place in our studio in Breda. The workshop dates and costs are in the block on the right (on mobile phones you will find this information at the bottom of the page). 


Note: Wax, bronze and casting materials and bronze costs are not included in the workshop price!

bronze casting workshop
start: Friday 17 February, 2023
ochtend: van 10:00 to 14:00 uur.

3 dagen: €  210,00

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